Customer FAQ

Q: “i bought an item and did not receive it!”

A: first, check the redelivery terminal at the store, my vendor system works with inworld purchases and marketplace purchases, you should be able to find your item in the redelivery terminal. if for some reason it is not there,please make a notecard listing the item(s) you did not receive, along with their transaction history information.

Q: “second life ate one (or more) of my purchases!”

A: hit the redelivery terminal at the store to grab your purchases again. if you purchased items before i moved to the E2V system (way way back) then please send me a notecard explaining the issue. i keep a database of my customers! i can most likely assist you!

Q: “why did you send me an invite to your group??”

A: every customer receives a VIP group invite upon their first purchase. i also send group invites to people who were given gifts via marketplace. the VIP group gives you access to freebies and hopefully in the future, group only sales. if you are not interested in joining the group, please just ignore the invite, i will not send another group invite after your first purchase.

Q: “i declined your VIP group invite a while back but i want to join now!”

A: if you have at least one purchase from my store i will send you an invite if you IM me and let me know that you are interested in joining the group!

Q: “i purchased something from the LuNi marketplace store and…”

A: i do not support any purchases made from LuNi. that brand no longer exists in second life, i have no access to any items created by lucas gerard nor will i support purchases made even if they are my items to begin with, because he has stolen my items and is selling them without my permission. buyer beware. you are paying for theft. he is no longer in second life and does not support these items either.


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