Body Art Hunt II

its time for another hunt! for the month of june, ~Songbird~ is participating in the Body Art Hunt II. hidden in my store is a cute little brown wrapped package, that you can buy for free, and get this awesome prize!
~SongBird~ Puncturepunctured is a simple mesh chest piercing as well as a bloody makeup layer, wear both, or just the blood or just the piercings! the blood is available on regular body layers as well as an omega applier which works with any body that allows omega appliers. the piercings are separate pieces so you can move then and adjust them to fit your specific body shape.

this item will disappear probably forever after the hunt so make sure you get it now while you can!

hunt information :

New Release and a hunt!

New Release:
~SongBird~ Zipper Tights

a very cool set of tights requested by a plurk friend 😀

Twisted Hunt is here!
~SongBird~ Delirium's Spiral
~SongBird~ Delirium's Eye Gacha

this round of twisted hunt is inspired by delirium, sooo of course i had to make one of my favourite things ever… spirals 😀 the twisted hunt prize is a special set of mesh eyes with a matching spiral eye makeup. the eyes are not rigged so you can mod them as you please. this version of the eyes and makeup will never be sold again in the store!

i also have a gacha item out for the twisted hunt composed of a colourful set of the eyes. there are 5 eyes to collect, the rainbow one being a rare chance!

the twisted hunt is one of my favourite events of the year, but it is also one of the hardest hunts on the grid! the hunt starts on march 1st at midnight slt and runs until the 31st. more info can be found at

all vendors in the shop have been switched to the new script and will grant you a bit of credit when you purchase something. if you are in the VIP group, you’ll get twice as much credit per purchase! make sure to wear your tag when buying something!

giftcards have been added to the store and can be found on the table in the shop. i’ve also added a redelivery terminal and a way to check your shop credit! this is my first time using this sort of system so please if you have any issues let me know!