Lots of Mini Updates

i’ve popped out a few mini releases over the last week or so, so here’s a round up of everything!

for the kemono and m3 wearers, i have converted my super nova doll eyes to both appliers! more eyes are coming in the future!
~SongBird~ Super Nova Doll Eye Mod For Kemono Avatars ~SongBird~ Supernova Doll M3 Appliers

for those that like simple eyeliner i’ve made a very simple cat eye liner in both black and white tintable versions.
~SongBird~ Perfect Point Eyeliner

for the cosplayers i have a ghoul eye and makeup set inspired by tokyo ghoul!
~SongBird~ Hungry Ghoul

(teeth are not included, go to contraption for those!)


Updates coming soon for all body items! i am working on slink physique appliers for my tights, and blood items that already have feet and hand appliers. i am also working on making appliers for the texture layer clothing i already have in the store! and possibly some tango appliers as well 😀 stay tuned!

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