New Stuff and Free Stuff!

New in the Store:
~SongBird~ Supermassive (uti applier) ~SongBird~ Polished (uti applier)
2 more eye sets converted to Utilizator appliers. these will only work for Utilizator heads like m3, or kemono heads.

~SongBird~ Guyliner ~SongBird~ Shock Rocker Updated!
2 more makeups updated for mesh heads! these were made with men in mind but will certainly work for women as well!

Current Events:
XOXO has started!
~SongBird~ Lovesick
come to the store and try to win this prize by saying xoxo in local chat. you can try once a day until the end of the hunt! if you get sick of trying, you can purchase the item for 50L until the end of the event.


happy monday! i just released two new items!

if you recall the most recent twisted hunt prize, i made a set of glittery gold eyeballs and matching gold tears, wellllll i decided i really liked them and the tears so i decided to yank the coloured glitter eyes from the gacha i did and make a full set of eyes with matching tears! there’s one for those of you with regular heads, and one for those who wear slink or omega installed heads!
􀀃~SongBird~ Gilded

~SongBird~ Gilded For Mesh Heads

True End Eyes

~SongBird~ True End Eyes

~SongBird~ True End Utilizator Eye Applier

these eyes are inspired by sans from undertale. got bored and decided to make a set for myself and figured why not make them for everyone! the mesh eyes are mod so you can adjust the amount of glow but frankly they look best with glow as i have it set. if you have the utilizator eyes you can turn glow on and off on the hud that comes with your head. i have included an optional blacked out eye in case you want to make it look like only one eye is floating around in your head (cause i saw a lot of pics like that when looking up references for this) the utilizator version has a black applier as well.

both eye sets are available in the main store right now!

supa8 collaboration

~SongBird~ and The Stringer Mosuleum have teamed up for the Supa8 event hosted by Free*style!

my part of the collaboration is a set of really awesome spider leg lashes.

􀀈~SongBird~ & *TSM* Spider Leg Lashes : Metallic~SongBird~ & *TSM* Spider Leg Lashes : Banded

􀀉we hope you love what we’ve made for you! these items are priced low for the event and will be sold later in stores at a higher price, so now is the time to grab them!


more new things!

􀀐~SongBird~ Barred Makeup Set􀀏
the barred makeup set that was previously only a slink visage head applier is now available on tattoo layer and mouth appliers! sorry lelutka head users i was unable to convert the barred eye makeup to the lelutka head due to the UV map being different than the standard SL head. so i didn’t make an applier for this one.

􀀍~SongBird~ Lacquer Lips for Mesh Heads

~SongBird~ Lacquer Lips
lacquer lips are now out of the hunt event and are now converted into a full version. i have made a version for mesh heads which includes slink visage and lelutka heads, and a version for regular heads and mesh mouths.

􀀋~SongBird~ Kracken Swimsuit : Bubble
~SongBird~ Kracken Swimsuit : Jewel
kraken swimsuits in jewel and bubble goth tones! these are super cute swim suits but sadly they do not work well with mesh bodies 🙁 i hope you will enjoy them anyway!

so much going on!

~SongBird~ Dotty Dress

new release in the main store!
i made a very cute dress featuring polkadots on the top and a solid lower half. very cute. mesh in standard sizes, with a colour hud for the fatpack.

~SongBird~ Barred Lips and Eye makeup for Slink Visage

body art hunt!
there’s an item hidden in my store somewhere and when you find it you get a great pack of dark shiny lipstick and my first ever facial piercing! i’m hoping to make more in the future now that i know how to make the parts. this gift is free and will be in the shop from now until the 31st of this month, and then it will be converted into a regular release. so if you want it free, now is the time to get it!

~SongBird~ Laquer Lips

my slink obsession july!
mso is back and i’m in this round! if you have a slink visage head you won’t want to miss what i’ve made for you! a full set of eyes and makeup for only 75L for the duration of my slink obsession! this round starts on july 5th

other announcements:

i changed the shop build! the store is now inside a big spooky house 😀 i figured it was time for a change and i wanted to suit the sim a bit better. everything should be in place, but if you find something floating around please let me know!

the blogger application has had a little makeover and i have a new blogger manager! congrats to my lovely blogger synful ghost who offered to help me take care of this stuff! if you would like to blog for ~SongBird~ please check out the application!

coming probably later this week, i will be changing the way things are priced in the store, i will be doing away with single items, and instead will be going to a fatpack based system at a lower price point.

new stuff and goth fair stuff

new release:

quinn shorts

~SongBird~ Quinn Shorts
6 colours to choose from, cute little denim shorts for the warm weather season. hud driven fatpack or purchase a single colour of your choice.

goth fair items in the main store:

everything from goth fair is now in the shop! if you missed out on the fair, come get them here!

also a big giant oops! it seems that even though i advertised the hell out of it, i did not have the slacker goth shirts set up at goth fair! this is a terrible error and i am so sad about it because these shirts were perfect for goth fair! if you were looking for them and couldn’t find them they are now at the main store!

~SongBird~ Slacker Goth Shirts
other announcements:

if you purchase anything new you might notice something called a “customer support hud”. instead of a bunch of notecards clogging up my folders i’ve decided to make a nice all in one hud to help you out with your purchase.

as you can see by the image the hud has buttons for your product info notecard, as well as the image if you need that for inventory sorting, the link to the main faq page as well as links to my store social media pages.

that’s all i’ve got for you now! thank you for shopping at ~SongBird~

vampires and lots of eyeballs

first up, vampire chronicles!

i’ve made a couple of special items for this event:

~SongBird~ Blood Doll

blood doll is a cute sweater and skirt set with and without messy blood. hud driven and mesh in standard sizes as well as a fitted mesh version!

~SongBird~ Love Bite

love bite is a bloody bite mark on the neck with blood trailing down into the cleavage/chest area.  tattoo layer version as well as appliers for slink physique and the omega applier system.
  the vampire chronicles is a week long event with a lot of great shops!
  In the main store:
  ~Songbird~ Dark Fae Eyes
  the dark fae eyes from this month’s horror haute are now available in the shop
  ~SongBird~ Dark Fae for Utilizator Avatars
  a version of the dark fae eyes for utilizator heads. these eyes will work on all the M3 heads as well as the kemono head.
  ~SongBird~ Liquid Eyes for Utilizator Avatar Heads
i also dug some old eye textures out of the vault to create some cute cartoony eye appliers for utilizator heads!

more utilizator eyes are in the work, i am working to convert all of my human eye collections over to the appliers!