happy monday! i just released two new items!

if you recall the most recent twisted hunt prize, i made a set of glittery gold eyeballs and matching gold tears, wellllll i decided i really liked them and the tears so i decided to yank the coloured glitter eyes from the gacha i did and make a full set of eyes with matching tears! there’s one for those of you with regular heads, and one for those who wear slink or omega installed heads!
๔€€ƒ~SongBird~ Gilded

~SongBird~ Gilded For Mesh Heads

so much going on!

~SongBird~ Dotty Dress

new release in the main store!
i made a very cute dress featuring polkadots on the top and a solid lower half. very cute. mesh in standard sizes, with a colour hud for the fatpack.

~SongBird~ Barred Lips and Eye makeup for Slink Visage

body art hunt!
there’s an item hidden in my store somewhere and when you find it you get a great pack of dark shiny lipstick and my first ever facial piercing! i’m hoping to make more in the future now that i know how to make the parts. this gift is free and will be in the shop from now until the 31st of this month, and then it will be converted into a regular release. so if you want it free, now is the time to get it!

~SongBird~ Laquer Lips

my slink obsession july!
mso is back and i’m in this round! if you have a slink visage head you won’t want to miss what i’ve made for you! a full set of eyes and makeup for only 75L for the duration of my slink obsession! this round starts on july 5th

other announcements:

i changed the shop build! the store is now inside a big spooky house ๐Ÿ˜€ i figured it was time for a change and i wanted to suit the sim a bit better. everything should be in place, but if you find something floating around please let me know!

the blogger application has had a little makeover and i have a new blogger manager! congrats to my lovely blogger synful ghost who offered to help me take care of this stuff! if you would like to blog for ~SongBird~ please check out the application!

coming probably later this week, i will be changing the way things are priced in the store, i will be doing away with single items, and instead will be going to a fatpack based system at a lower price point.

World Goth Fair!

i am so very pleased to be a part of the World Goth Fair this year! it benefits a very important charity that i stand behind and i hope you will all join me in shopping and donating to the cause! these are the awesome items i have whipped up for my booth:

~SongBird~ Splatter Nails~SongBird~ Shock Rocker~SongBird~ Pencil Thin Brows~SongBird~ Cooper~SongBird~  Gothique Glitter~SongBird~ Glossy Tipped Matte Nails

all of the items shown are 100% donating to the sophie lancaster foundation.

world goth fair will be held May 15-31 2013, and has a plethora of awesome creators coming together for this great charity!

New At ~SongBird~

lots of new releases in the store! if you missed out on the wear gray for a day marketplace, the items from my market shop are now available in the stores, with singles available in case you didn’t want to purchase the fatpacks! the eyes however are still in packs, as that is the new way i will be selling them.

~SongBird~ Darkness and Light eyes~SongBird~ Bigtop Eyes~SongBird~ Glitz Super Pack~SongBird~ Glitz Eye Makeup~SongBird~ Glitz Lipstick~SongBird~ Glam Doll Eye Makeup



Prices at ~SongBird~ have been permanently dropped! all makeup singles are now 50L, all eye singles are now 75L, face/body FX layers are all now 75L! if you are a marketplace shopper, please be aware that i haven’t had a chance to change my listing prices yet, so to get the best deal, stop by the store!


Coming Soon:

Keep Calm And Keep Shopping Event : May 14th – 28th
you do not want to miss this event! i will have new items never before seen, and never to be seen again after this event is over!

Wear Gray for a Day 2012

april 6th though april 22nd an awesome market will be opened in second life where you can purchase items to donate to the american brain tumor association. ~SongBird~ is proud to be among the merchants for this yearโ€™s market.

hereโ€™s what iโ€™ve made for the event:

~SongBird~ Glam Doll Eye Makeup~SongBird~ Glitz Lipstick~SongBird~ Glitz Eye Makeup~SongBird~ Glitz Super Pack~SongBird~ Bigtop Eyes~SongBird~ Darkness and Light eyes

these items will only be available as fatpacks for the duration of the event. once i move them into the shop, they will also be sold as singles.

you can learn more about wear gray for a day by visiting

Lets Go Hunting

~SongBird~ is pleased to be a part of The Fresh Unknown Hunt starting today and running until the 31st of March! during this hunt you can find this awesome gift for just 1L$!


[ Perms ]
Tattoo Layer  : No Mod : Copy : No Trans :

more about this hunt at


what else?

more items are slowly being rebranded! and i am working on some new stuff!

i would like to let you all know that i am pregnant, if you follow my blogs or flickr you probably already know. i will be on and off a lot over the next few months as real life takes a more important role in my life, so if you need me please do send notecards! i will help you as i can ๐Ÿ˜€