Don’t Panic!

one of my favourite events in second life. Don’t Panic is Pulse Game’s 2014 halloween game. a spooky haunted mansion awaits you, and so do the ghosts who inhabit it. while you attempt to solve the mystery, you can find rats in various places that contain prizes from several stores, including ~SongBird~! i have created some creepy halloween inspired tights.

~SongBird~ Treat Tights

you can also check out the sponsor shop for some of my best halloween items, and an exclusive set of matching nail polish.

~SongBird~ Treat Nails

game start:
sponsor shop:

Don’t Panic starts October 17th and runs until Nov 17th.

World Goth Fair!

i am so very pleased to be a part of the World Goth Fair this year! it benefits a very important charity that i stand behind and i hope you will all join me in shopping and donating to the cause! these are the awesome items i have whipped up for my booth:

~SongBird~ Splatter Nails~SongBird~ Shock Rocker~SongBird~ Pencil Thin Brows~SongBird~ Cooper~SongBird~  Gothique Glitter~SongBird~ Glossy Tipped Matte Nails

all of the items shown are 100% donating to the sophie lancaster foundation.

world goth fair will be held May 15-31 2013, and has a plethora of awesome creators coming together for this great charity!