New Stuff and Free Stuff!

New in the Store:
~SongBird~ Supermassive (uti applier) ~SongBird~ Polished (uti applier)
2 more eye sets converted to Utilizator appliers. these will only work for Utilizator heads like m3, or kemono heads.

~SongBird~ Guyliner ~SongBird~ Shock Rocker Updated!
2 more makeups updated for mesh heads! these were made with men in mind but will certainly work for women as well!

Current Events:
XOXO has started!
~SongBird~ Lovesick
come to the store and try to win this prize by saying xoxo in local chat. you can try once a day until the end of the hunt! if you get sick of trying, you can purchase the item for 50L until the end of the event.

Twisted Krissmuss 2016

~SongBird~ Krampus Horns

twisted krissmuss is upon us and i’ve decided to finally attempt to make horns! they came out well and i’m pretty proud of them! twisted krissmuss is an event that asks creators to make an exclusive item as a no copy/transfer item that can be gifted to others. you can find these horns as well as a few of my older twisted krissmuss items at the event location from december 7th until january 7th 2017.

more info:
event slurl:

So much going on at ~SongBird~!

its halloween time! i’m not dead i promise! i’ve been taking a break, and totally forgot to tell you guys about twisted hunt last month. i hope you won’t kill me for that, but i do hope many of you checked it out on your own because i know you’re all cool like that and probably love twisted hunt as much as i do.

ANYWAY, i will do my best not to forget to tell you about that next time.

i am in 4 different events this month! all of them are starting very soon!

Pulse games’ yearly halloween game has begun. from now until when ever they close it (they never give an end date!) you can play through an awesome and creepy story game full of scares and mystery, and along the way, pick up free gifts from many stores including mine!
~SongBird~ Fogbound Eyes
my item this year is a set of eyes, each colour is hidden within the game. there are 6 boxes to find in all!

Trick Or Treat:
trick or treat is a very cool family friendly trick or treat hunt. starting october 23rd, you find little brooms to get stamps on a hud, and then redeem them in the prize room. along the way you can shop in the vendors’ markets for more halloween goodies.
~SongBird~ Stick-on Face Tattoos
my prize for this event is a set of 4 stick on face tattoos, on both tattoo layer and omega applier for mesh heads that have cheek makeup areas available (please check your specific head before applying)

Bloody Horror Fair:
i am so excited to be involved in this event! i made two new gory items exclusive to the event! starting on october 25th, you can find these two items only at this event!

~SongBird~ Weird THING II
weird THING II is a sequel to the weird THING tentacles i made a few years ago. this set works perfectly with those and you can wear them all together for a really gross look!

~SongBird~ Shards
Shards is a bunch of glass shoved into your chest and wrists, with lots of blood dripping everywhere. pretty self explanatory.

oh! and i snuck an item from the upcoming project i’m doing with my best friend.
private collection is a set of 3 frames with blood splatters. yes i was inspired by dexter :p.

Hocus Pocus:
this event is in my mainstore and starts on october 24th. every day you can hop into the store and try to win my special prize by saying the magic words! you get one chance a day until the end of the event. if you don’t wanna go through all that, you can also just buy the item for 50L from the vendor next to the magic jar.
~SongBird~ I've Been Poisoned!
my prize for hocus pocus is a poison bottle prop and 4 different poses. the bottle its self is 1LI if you just want to use it for decor, but you can also hold it while doing these different poses for all your poisoning photography needs.

Other Interesting Stuff:

because standard sizes are no longer very popular due to mesh bodies, i have permanently slashed the prices on all mesh clothing in the store that does not have a fitted size! that’s basically all of it! so if you are still using standard size mesh, now is the time to grab these items! i will be retiring them to the marketplace only after jan. 1st.

my best friend and i are collabing on a new store that will be opening in a couple of months! we will be making homes and furniture. its nothing like what you see at ~Songbird~ but so far stuff is coming together nicely. keep an eye out for BlackWood Homes and Furnishings in the very near future.

Twisted Hunt Spring 2016

the twisted hunt has begun again, and this round’s theme is the odyssey with a colour scheme of gold and black. i’ve always been quite fond of soothsayers in stories and since there was one in the odyssey i decided to use that for inspiration for my prize.
~SongBird~ Soothsayerto stick with the theme i decided to make a black blindfold, lined with gold trim. i then blinded the poor soothsayer by casting her eyes in glittering gold, leaving her to cry gilded tears.

the gacha item for my store is a coloured set of the glittery eyes. win one of 6 colours or the rare fatpack hud.


~SongBird~ Gilded Eyes Gachathe gacha can be found in my store or at the twisted hunt end game prize room.

more info:


~SongBird~ @ Tesoro

the january round of tesoro has started and its theme is “nostalgia”.

~SongBird~ Ashbury Dress~SongBird~ Haight Dress

i created two versions of a very cute dress that i think suits this theme pretty well. i know, i know… colour *shock and awe* but sometimes even i make colourful things!

you can grab these items as well as items from other creators at the tesoro events sim. please note that you must be able to visit gaming sims in order to enter the region.

New Stuff!

2 events going on right now!

first for twisted krissmuss i made pjs!

~SongBird~ Twisted Pjs : Stripes~SongBird~ Twisted Pjs : Skele

the idea behind twisted krissmuss is that all the items are affordable (100L$) and transfer so you can put them in a box and give them to a friend as a gift! usually we have these items in our main store but this year they are all in one place :

secondly i’m participating in the futuristic hunt which just started today.

~SongBird~ Basic Access Ports

i made some nifty matrix inspired access ports. you can unlink this and make them into all kinds of configurations, they are set up as shown in the photo but they are separate mesh pieces so you can do basically anything with them! you can find this prize somewhere in the main store. just look for the little UFO hanging around.

the list of all participating stores is here: there are no landmarks in the hunt gifts so just pick which ones you want!

supa8 collaboration

~SongBird~ and The Stringer Mosuleum have teamed up for the Supa8 event hosted by Free*style!

my part of the collaboration is a set of really awesome spider leg lashes.

􀀈~SongBird~ & *TSM* Spider Leg Lashes : Metallic~SongBird~ & *TSM* Spider Leg Lashes : Banded

􀀉we hope you love what we’ve made for you! these items are priced low for the event and will be sold later in stores at a higher price, so now is the time to grab them!


Twisted Hunt Fall 2015

twisted time has come once again! get ready to pull your hair out trying to find all the amazing prizes on this hunt. this time around, ~SongBird~ is right at the start! number 24 on the list. this is what i have for you:

~SongBird~ Twisted Ouroboros

this is an animated back accessory which spins and spirals behind you.

~SongBird~ Monochroma Eyes Twisted Gacha

the gacha this time around is a set of eyes that suit the twisted hunt colour theme. great for mix and match.

twisted hunt runs from september 19th to october 19th. more information can be found on the official website:

and here is a list of all participating stores:

please make sure to pick up my gift before the end of the hunt, as it will no longer exist after the hunt!