So much going on at ~SongBird~!

its halloween time! i’m not dead i promise! i’ve been taking a break, and totally forgot to tell you guys about twisted hunt last month. i hope you won’t kill me for that, but i do hope many of you checked it out on your own because i know you’re all cool like that and probably love twisted hunt as much as i do.

ANYWAY, i will do my best not to forget to tell you about that next time.

i am in 4 different events this month! all of them are starting very soon!

Pulse games’ yearly halloween game has begun. from now until when ever they close it (they never give an end date!) you can play through an awesome and creepy story game full of scares and mystery, and along the way, pick up free gifts from many stores including mine!
~SongBird~ Fogbound Eyes
my item this year is a set of eyes, each colour is hidden within the game. there are 6 boxes to find in all!

Trick Or Treat:
trick or treat is a very cool family friendly trick or treat hunt. starting october 23rd, you find little brooms to get stamps on a hud, and then redeem them in the prize room. along the way you can shop in the vendors’ markets for more halloween goodies.
~SongBird~ Stick-on Face Tattoos
my prize for this event is a set of 4 stick on face tattoos, on both tattoo layer and omega applier for mesh heads that have cheek makeup areas available (please check your specific head before applying)

Bloody Horror Fair:
i am so excited to be involved in this event! i made two new gory items exclusive to the event! starting on october 25th, you can find these two items only at this event!

~SongBird~ Weird THING II
weird THING II is a sequel to the weird THING tentacles i made a few years ago. this set works perfectly with those and you can wear them all together for a really gross look!

~SongBird~ Shards
Shards is a bunch of glass shoved into your chest and wrists, with lots of blood dripping everywhere. pretty self explanatory.

oh! and i snuck an item from the upcoming project i’m doing with my best friend.
private collection is a set of 3 frames with blood splatters. yes i was inspired by dexter :p.

Hocus Pocus:
this event is in my mainstore and starts on october 24th. every day you can hop into the store and try to win my special prize by saying the magic words! you get one chance a day until the end of the event. if you don’t wanna go through all that, you can also just buy the item for 50L from the vendor next to the magic jar.
~SongBird~ I've Been Poisoned!
my prize for hocus pocus is a poison bottle prop and 4 different poses. the bottle its self is 1LI if you just want to use it for decor, but you can also hold it while doing these different poses for all your poisoning photography needs.

Other Interesting Stuff:

because standard sizes are no longer very popular due to mesh bodies, i have permanently slashed the prices on all mesh clothing in the store that does not have a fitted size! that’s basically all of it! so if you are still using standard size mesh, now is the time to grab these items! i will be retiring them to the marketplace only after jan. 1st.

my best friend and i are collabing on a new store that will be opening in a couple of months! we will be making homes and furniture. its nothing like what you see at ~Songbird~ but so far stuff is coming together nicely. keep an eye out for BlackWood Homes and Furnishings in the very near future.

so much going on!

~SongBird~ Dotty Dress

new release in the main store!
i made a very cute dress featuring polkadots on the top and a solid lower half. very cute. mesh in standard sizes, with a colour hud for the fatpack.

~SongBird~ Barred Lips and Eye makeup for Slink Visage

body art hunt!
there’s an item hidden in my store somewhere and when you find it you get a great pack of dark shiny lipstick and my first ever facial piercing! i’m hoping to make more in the future now that i know how to make the parts. this gift is free and will be in the shop from now until the 31st of this month, and then it will be converted into a regular release. so if you want it free, now is the time to get it!

~SongBird~ Laquer Lips

my slink obsession july!
mso is back and i’m in this round! if you have a slink visage head you won’t want to miss what i’ve made for you! a full set of eyes and makeup for only 75L for the duration of my slink obsession! this round starts on july 5th

other announcements:

i changed the shop build! the store is now inside a big spooky house 😀 i figured it was time for a change and i wanted to suit the sim a bit better. everything should be in place, but if you find something floating around please let me know!

the blogger application has had a little makeover and i have a new blogger manager! congrats to my lovely blogger synful ghost who offered to help me take care of this stuff! if you would like to blog for ~SongBird~ please check out the application!

coming probably later this week, i will be changing the way things are priced in the store, i will be doing away with single items, and instead will be going to a fatpack based system at a lower price point.

new stuff and goth fair stuff

new release:

quinn shorts

~SongBird~ Quinn Shorts
6 colours to choose from, cute little denim shorts for the warm weather season. hud driven fatpack or purchase a single colour of your choice.

goth fair items in the main store:

everything from goth fair is now in the shop! if you missed out on the fair, come get them here!

also a big giant oops! it seems that even though i advertised the hell out of it, i did not have the slacker goth shirts set up at goth fair! this is a terrible error and i am so sad about it because these shirts were perfect for goth fair! if you were looking for them and couldn’t find them they are now at the main store!

~SongBird~ Slacker Goth Shirts
other announcements:

if you purchase anything new you might notice something called a “customer support hud”. instead of a bunch of notecards clogging up my folders i’ve decided to make a nice all in one hud to help you out with your purchase.

as you can see by the image the hud has buttons for your product info notecard, as well as the image if you need that for inventory sorting, the link to the main faq page as well as links to my store social media pages.

that’s all i’ve got for you now! thank you for shopping at ~SongBird~

New VIP Gift!

if you are a VIP group member you have a new gift waiting at the store!

~SongBird~ Hail Santa Sweater VIP GIFT!

~SongBird~ Hail Santa Sweater VIP GIFT!

not a VIP member? its easy to do! just buy something from the shop, from the 50L makeup, to the more expensive mesh items. any purchase in the store (that isn’t a freebie) gets you an invitation to the VIP group! i do these invites by hand so please don’t be alarmed if it takes a day or two to get your invite, the gifts never go away!.

a little behind!

holy crap i haven’t updated the store blog in months! i am so sorry! my life got a little hectic there after october and i totally just spaced out on my shop duities!

all the items from horrorfest are now in the main store, so if you missed them then, you can get them now!

new releases:

~SongBird~ Wicked Collar : Leather~SongBird~ Wicked Collar : Damask

two styles of this awesome collar, a men’s version is coming as soon as i can get the sizing to work right!

~SongBird~ Dredge Skirt

rigged mesh maxi skirts in a lovely array of colour accents. might fit smaller men as well as the ladies! check out the demo!

if you are part of my subscribomatic, please note that i will soon be moving to another subscription service, i am going to attempt to port over my subscriber list but as of this blog writing the database is down and i have no idea if its just a fluke or if its just gone. hopefully i will be able to get everyone back on!

New Special Effects Layers!

~SongBird~ Purge~SongBird~ Gouged

2 new releases for you. well sorta new. gouged is an old fave of mine that i made for LuNi, and i decided to bring it back because it was so awesome. the original design used invisible prims to remove your eyes but i have replaced that with an alpha layer since invisiprims do not work with shadows. because of this, you have to use a prim eye to wear the right side or left side only versions, so i’ve included them at no extra cost along with the double eye version!

purge is a full set of the gift i made for the twisted hunt last year for fall. you can get it in a fatpack of all colours, or singles!

!Coming Soon!

i have obtained the Slink applier dev kit and will be making some nail polish, as well as adding appliers for my tights and anything using hand and feet (so like my stigmata layers, or heart’s filthy lesson) so that you can use my products with the awesome new slink applier system!

i have been accepted to Goth Fair 2013! and i am so excited because i really love the charity they are donating to! its not until may so we’ve got a while before that but yay! excited!

Just In Time For Valentine’s Day

Heart's Filthy LessonHeart's Filthy Lesson Pose Pack

a sucking chest wound!

the idea for this came from a very cool movie called After Life which i recommend you see!

the body fx comes on the tattoo layer, with or without hand blood. and as a bonus i also made a Lola Tangos applier so busty girls can use it too!

to compliment the body fx, i have made a set of 3 poses with a sculpted heart to hold for your very own morbid valentine’s day card.

also important: New Vendor System!

i have finally gotten my hands on a more robust vendor system! slowly i am trying to get all of my vendors switched over to the new script.

what does this mean for you?
-all customers will now be able to get a credit for purchasing from the store

-members of the VIP group will be given a higher % of credit when wearing their group tag while purchasing from the store

-gift cards are coming!

-redelivery terminal is coming!

and the big one that i love:

this new vendor system can send you a folder so no more unpacking 😀 the only time you will receive a box is if someone purchases a gift for you because the vendor cannot send a folder as a gift.

if you shop at the store in the next few days, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know if anything goes wrong!

also starting now, as soon as i figure out the credit system, if you purchase something from a vendor that i haven’t switched to the new format i will add credit to your account manually.

happy august!

its an exciting month for me but sad as well.

sad because this is probably the last release i’ll be able to put out for the near future. but happy because its my baby month! i am due to give birth to my son at the end of august, which means i’ll obviously be taking some time off, but before i go i’ve got a few new items for you guys!

first off i am in another hunt: the Make A Wish Hunt which started today (august 1st) and will run until august 31st. My hunt gift is an awesome set of mesh eyes in a special colour that will not be sold with the full pack later on!

next, i am in a market sale going on at the sim my store is located on. the sale starts on friday and ends on the 5th BUT my items are already out if you are interested in grabbing them early! 2 new releases are available at 50% off!

the supernova doll eyes are awesome mesh eyes (yes like the hunt gift) in a whole array of colours. they are not rigged mesh so you can mod them to your liking.

cute, fun, summery tanks with a sheer midsection for a little bit of sexy.

there is also a gacha vendor with a cool little coffin necklace. my first piece of jewelry! i am so proud 😀

these necklaces are mesh but they are not rigged so you can mod them and move them around to fit you best!

also: the makeup and tattoo hunt still has a few days left so make sure you come and get these awesome prizes before they disappear!


even though i will be taking a bit of time off from the store, please know that if you need any assistance you can always message me or send a notecard my way. i will still be checking my email and i am happy to help if i need to!

and that’s all from me! if you do not hear from me again for a while please don’t worry. for those of you interested in this baby stuff i’ve been talking about, please feel free to visit my RL blog at where i’ll definitely be sharing updates and photos of what happens next 😀

~SongBird~ needs YOU!

Interested in Blogging for the store? there are two kinds of bloggers for my store. one is a comitted blogger, and one is not. comitted bloggers must follow the rules below to be accepted, they are expected to blog the store releases and will be given every single new release.

non committed bloggers have less rules, they just need to submit their blog url to me for consideration, i will send them items that suit the style of their blog.
Comitted Blogger Rules and Application:

IMPORTANT!!! Incomplete applications will be ignored!!!

-All applicants must have a blog for at least 6 months and be on at least 2 feeds.

-Bloggers must blog items sent to them in a reasonable amount of time to continue being a part of the blogger list. if the item is for a limited event, items must be blogged in one week from time sent. if for some reason you cannot blog an item for a limited event within the one week limit, please let me know.

-Bloggers will NOT receive any items meant for charity events where the items will be giving 100% proceeds to the charity.

-Bloggers will NOT receive VIP group items

-Bloggers are asked to please send a note to Nimil Blackflag after blogging an item. this is mostly so i can keep track of what you’re blogging, because sometimes i miss it if no one lets me know.

-Bloggers are asked to please make sure items fit correctly before blogging them. continuously blogging items without fitting the prims to suit your individual shape will result in removal from the blogging group.


Please make a new notecard, titled “~SongBird~ Blogger Application – (YOUR NAME HERE) Comitted Blogger” and add the following information to apply as a blogger for ~SongBird~

Second Life Name:
Second Life Age:
Blog URL:
List At Least 2 Feeds Your Blog Is Syndicated On:
How Long Have You Been A Blogger:

Non-Comitted Blogger Rules and Application:

-Bloggers will recieve items i feel would suit their blog. you will not recieve all new releases.

-Bloggers may ask for items if they feel they would suit their blog, if i haven’t already sent them.

-Bloggers will NOT receive any items meant for charity events where the items will be giving 100% proceeds to the charity.

-Bloggers will NOT receive VIP group items

non committed bloggers do not have time limits on when they blog the items sent to them, if you feel you are not interested in blogging my items please let me know!

Please make a new notecard, titled “~SongBird~ Blogger Application – (YOUR NAME HERE) Non Comitted Blogger” and add the following information to apply as a blogger for ~SongBird~

Second Life Name:
Second Life Age:
Blog URL:
How Long Have You Been A Blogger:


*****send this notecard to Nimil Blackflag. i will try to get back to you as soon as possible. if you don’t hear from me within 2 days, i am in rl, i will get back to you. if you don’t hear from me within a week, SL has most likely eaten the notecard, please resend.*****

~SongBird~ has changed nests!

just a little announcement today, i recently moved the store to a new location that is M rated instead of A rated, hopefully this will make it easier for you guys to shop since i know there are many people who cannot get into A rated parcels.

i want to thank my friend aiko for hosting my store on our home sim for a long time, i could not have kept going without your support!

if you want to visit the new location, you can find it here.