New Special Effects Layers!

~SongBird~ Purge~SongBird~ Gouged

2 new releases for you. well sorta new. gouged is an old fave of mine that i made for LuNi, and i decided to bring it back because it was so awesome. the original design used invisible prims to remove your eyes but i have replaced that with an alpha layer since invisiprims do not work with shadows. because of this, you have to use a prim eye to wear the right side or left side only versions, so i’ve included them at no extra cost along with the double eye version!

purge is a full set of the gift i made for the twisted hunt last year for fall. you can get it in a fatpack of all colours, or singles!

!Coming Soon!

i have obtained the Slink applier dev kit and will be making some nail polish, as well as adding appliers for my tights and anything using hand and feet (so like my stigmata layers, or heart’s filthy lesson) so that you can use my products with the awesome new slink applier system!

i have been accepted to Goth Fair 2013! and i am so excited because i really love the charity they are donating to! its not until may so we’ve got a while before that but yay! excited!

Lets Go Hunting

~SongBird~ is pleased to be a part of The Fresh Unknown Hunt starting today and running until the 31st of March! during this hunt you can find this awesome gift for just 1L$!


[ Perms ]
Tattoo Layer  : No Mod : Copy : No Trans :

more about this hunt at


what else?

more items are slowly being rebranded! and i am working on some new stuff!

i would like to let you all know that i am pregnant, if you follow my blogs or flickr you probably already know. i will be on and off a lot over the next few months as real life takes a more important role in my life, so if you need me please do send notecards! i will help you as i can 😀