Twisted Krissmuss 2016

~SongBird~ Krampus Horns

twisted krissmuss is upon us and i’ve decided to finally attempt to make horns! they came out well and i’m pretty proud of them! twisted krissmuss is an event that asks creators to make an exclusive item as a no copy/transfer item that can be gifted to others. you can find these horns as well as a few of my older twisted krissmuss items at the event location from december 7th until january 7th 2017.

more info:
event slurl:

~SongBird~ @ Tesoro

the january round of tesoro has started and its theme is “nostalgia”.

~SongBird~ Ashbury Dress~SongBird~ Haight Dress

i created two versions of a very cute dress that i think suits this theme pretty well. i know, i know… colour *shock and awe* but sometimes even i make colourful things!

you can grab these items as well as items from other creators at the tesoro events sim. please note that you must be able to visit gaming sims in order to enter the region.

horrorfestive time!

horrorfest got moved to december so now its horrorfestive! everything is creepy holiday fun. this event benefits munchflower zaius, who suffers from ehlers-danlos syndrome.

~SongBird~ The Doll : Omni Pack~Songbird~ The Doll : Horror Special Edition

~SongBird~ The Doll : Holiday Special Edition

i have created a set called “the doll”. the dress, shoes, and joints are available on their own as a 50% donation or for an 100% donation you can purchase the special holiday or horror edition, or if you are feeling REALLY giving, you can purchase the omnipack which has EVERYTHING in one big box. even the special versions. the special versions will not be available after the event ends.

~SongBird~ The Doll : Dress

the dress is rigged mesh, and comes in all standard mesh sizes in several different colour options.

~SongBird~ The Doll : Shoes

the shoes are not rigged mesh and come in one size which can be edited to suit your foot size. these shoes are made for regular system feet but with some careful editing you might be able to wear mid height slink feet with them.

~SongBird~ The Doll : Joints and Cracks

the joints and cracks are tattoo layers and also come with a hud that provides appliers for slink physique, hands, and feet, phat/cute azz and lola breasts.

more information about horrorfestive can be found here:

read up on ehlers-danlos syndrome here:

Bleak Midwinter Hunt:

~SongBird~ One Horse Open Sley hunt gift

the dates have been pushed back for this hunt and i am not sure what the new starte date is, but my prize is already in the store so if you want to go ahead and grab it go for it! my hunt prize this year is a special edition snowglobe. 100% original mesh and only 2LI! i’ve left it mod in case for some reason you want to scale it up to a larger size and sit in it, or what ever you want.

my hunt hint is “the eyes have it”

happy august!

its an exciting month for me but sad as well.

sad because this is probably the last release i’ll be able to put out for the near future. but happy because its my baby month! i am due to give birth to my son at the end of august, which means i’ll obviously be taking some time off, but before i go i’ve got a few new items for you guys!

first off i am in another hunt: the Make A Wish Hunt which started today (august 1st) and will run until august 31st. My hunt gift is an awesome set of mesh eyes in a special colour that will not be sold with the full pack later on!

next, i am in a market sale going on at the sim my store is located on. the sale starts on friday and ends on the 5th BUT my items are already out if you are interested in grabbing them early! 2 new releases are available at 50% off!

the supernova doll eyes are awesome mesh eyes (yes like the hunt gift) in a whole array of colours. they are not rigged mesh so you can mod them to your liking.

cute, fun, summery tanks with a sheer midsection for a little bit of sexy.

there is also a gacha vendor with a cool little coffin necklace. my first piece of jewelry! i am so proud 😀

these necklaces are mesh but they are not rigged so you can mod them and move them around to fit you best!

also: the makeup and tattoo hunt still has a few days left so make sure you come and get these awesome prizes before they disappear!


even though i will be taking a bit of time off from the store, please know that if you need any assistance you can always message me or send a notecard my way. i will still be checking my email and i am happy to help if i need to!

and that’s all from me! if you do not hear from me again for a while please don’t worry. for those of you interested in this baby stuff i’ve been talking about, please feel free to visit my RL blog at where i’ll definitely be sharing updates and photos of what happens next 😀

Wear Gray for a Day 2012

april 6th though april 22nd an awesome market will be opened in second life where you can purchase items to donate to the american brain tumor association. ~SongBird~ is proud to be among the merchants for this year’s market.

here’s what i’ve made for the event:

~SongBird~ Glam Doll Eye Makeup~SongBird~ Glitz Lipstick~SongBird~ Glitz Eye Makeup~SongBird~ Glitz Super Pack~SongBird~ Bigtop Eyes~SongBird~ Darkness and Light eyes

these items will only be available as fatpacks for the duration of the event. once i move them into the shop, they will also be sold as singles.

you can learn more about wear gray for a day by visiting