more new things!

􀀐~SongBird~ Barred Makeup Set􀀏
the barred makeup set that was previously only a slink visage head applier is now available on tattoo layer and mouth appliers! sorry lelutka head users i was unable to convert the barred eye makeup to the lelutka head due to the UV map being different than the standard SL head. so i didn’t make an applier for this one.

􀀍~SongBird~ Lacquer Lips for Mesh Heads

~SongBird~ Lacquer Lips
lacquer lips are now out of the hunt event and are now converted into a full version. i have made a version for mesh heads which includes slink visage and lelutka heads, and a version for regular heads and mesh mouths.

􀀋~SongBird~ Kracken Swimsuit : Bubble
~SongBird~ Kracken Swimsuit : Jewel
kraken swimsuits in jewel and bubble goth tones! these are super cute swim suits but sadly they do not work well with mesh bodies 🙁 i hope you will enjoy them anyway!

a shot of kodine

~SongBird~ Kodine Eyes

~SongBird~ Kodine Lips

makeup! i got a request to make some lipstick and matching eye makeup and tossed it into the shop last night. who says no one releases stuff in their store anymore?

wear them together, wear them separately!great for cyber goth or maybe even bubble goth looks. these are super bright hues with a black outer liner.

i am working on a mesh mouth version of these lips but its being a bit troublesome at the moment, but soon!

symptomatic is also now in the shop if you are still looking for the plague.


on another note, i am moving to another sim! i do not have my official location ready yet but in a couple of weeks i will be located on the sleep hollow sim, and i will make sure you all have that new landmark when the chance happens.