more new things!

􀀐~SongBird~ Barred Makeup Set􀀏
the barred makeup set that was previously only a slink visage head applier is now available on tattoo layer and mouth appliers! sorry lelutka head users i was unable to convert the barred eye makeup to the lelutka head due to the UV map being different than the standard SL head. so i didn’t make an applier for this one.

􀀍~SongBird~ Lacquer Lips for Mesh Heads

~SongBird~ Lacquer Lips
lacquer lips are now out of the hunt event and are now converted into a full version. i have made a version for mesh heads which includes slink visage and lelutka heads, and a version for regular heads and mesh mouths.

􀀋~SongBird~ Kracken Swimsuit : Bubble
~SongBird~ Kracken Swimsuit : Jewel
kraken swimsuits in jewel and bubble goth tones! these are super cute swim suits but sadly they do not work well with mesh bodies 🙁 i hope you will enjoy them anyway!

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