Tanktop Dresses

my favourite kind of dress. i’ve wanted to make these for a while now.

~SongBird~ Tank Dress : Graphic

graphic dresses are black with different graphics, not much to say there..

~SongBird~ Tank Dress: Gradient

and for those who like colour, gradient dresses are lovely soft colours.

both of these are standard size mesh in sizes L to XS. a demo is available so please do try it on before you buy 😀

Halloween Comes To ~SongBird~

life has been overwhelming in the real world but i couldn’t stand not to make anything for halloween! i have a new gacha at the store as well as a few older items that i am bringing over from my previous store.

i made some random creepy eyes and stuffed them in a gacha machine.they are mesh but unrigged so you can mix and match and resize them if you need to!

makeup layers for your halloween costuming awesomeness! based on my favourite villain and villainess!

more to come if i get a chance! halloween is soon so do stop by and check out our awesome eyes, makeups and other things for your costumes!

happy august!

its an exciting month for me but sad as well.

sad because this is probably the last release i’ll be able to put out for the near future. but happy because its my baby month! i am due to give birth to my son at the end of august, which means i’ll obviously be taking some time off, but before i go i’ve got a few new items for you guys!

first off i am in another hunt: the Make A Wish Hunt which started today (august 1st) and will run until august 31st. My hunt gift is an awesome set of mesh eyes in a special colour that will not be sold with the full pack later on!

next, i am in a market sale going on at the sim my store is located on. the sale starts on friday and ends on the 5th BUT my items are already out if you are interested in grabbing them early! 2 new releases are available at 50% off!

the supernova doll eyes are awesome mesh eyes (yes like the hunt gift) in a whole array of colours. they are not rigged mesh so you can mod them to your liking.

cute, fun, summery tanks with a sheer midsection for a little bit of sexy.

there is also a gacha vendor with a cool little coffin necklace. my first piece of jewelry! i am so proud 😀

these necklaces are mesh but they are not rigged so you can mod them and move them around to fit you best!

also: the makeup and tattoo hunt still has a few days left so make sure you come and get these awesome prizes before they disappear!


even though i will be taking a bit of time off from the store, please know that if you need any assistance you can always message me or send a notecard my way. i will still be checking my email and i am happy to help if i need to!

and that’s all from me! if you do not hear from me again for a while please don’t worry. for those of you interested in this baby stuff i’ve been talking about, please feel free to visit my RL blog at http://www.system-overload.org where i’ll definitely be sharing updates and photos of what happens next 😀

Leopard Babydolls

Leopard Babydoll Dresses have arrived in the shop! i loved the one i made for keep calm and keep shopping, so i made more! obviously the awesome rainbow one will never be sold again, but you can get these great solid colour ones!
~SongBird~ is in 2 hunts! one is the makeup and tattoo hunt, starting july 15, the other is the make a wish hunt starting august1st. i have made some awesome stuff for both of these hunts and i cannot wait for you guys to see them!

More Mesh!


my second rigged mesh item has finally made it into the store! back when i first started making clothes, when i was a little nooblet, i made arm socks. so i figured since i am a noob again with this mesh stuff, why not make arm socks?! these come in an array of stripey colours, and are made to fit standard sizing. there are only two objects however, one that fits large, and one that fits medium, small, and extra small.

a demo is provided so please do make sure to try before you buy!

as a special gift to my VIP group, a rainbow version is available in the store. just wear your tag and click the vendor!


not a member of the vip group yet? its very simple to join! just buy something from the store or marketplace, and you’ll be invited.

Something shrank in the wash!

petite avatars are everywhere, so i decided to convert some of my clothes to their size! you can now wear jareth as a petite 😀


~SongBird~ Jareth Petite


both male and female versions of the outfit are included. these outfits are made to fit the Yabusaka Petite Mesh avvie (and derivatives of). you can find those at Petite Avatar Kingdom


Interested in Blogging for the store? there are two kinds of bloggers for my store. one is a comitted blogger, and one is not. comitted bloggers must follow the rules below to be accepted, they are expected to blog the store releases and will be given every single new release.

non committed bloggers have less rules, they just need to submit their blog url to me for consideration, i will send them items that suit the style of their blog.

a notecard is available at the store with rules and applications.



i finally conquered mesh… ok maybe not conquered but i was able to make something, rig it, and not have it explode into a million pieces when i uploaded it, so score one for me!

its a simple mini-skirt but i am pretty proud of it!

This skirt is sized to work with Standard Sizing, there is a demo in the store, so please try it before you buy it! the skirts also have the alpha textures included full perm in case you need to mod them.


~SongBird~ VIP GIFT!

Are you in the VIP group? if you’ve made a purchase at ~SongBird~ you might have noticed that you recieved a group invitation soon after. if you accepted this group invite, you are now a VIP and you get presents! there is currently a special group only version of the wild skirt in the store. just wear your group tag and click to get it!

not a member of the group yet? just buy an item, any item, from marketplace, or the inworld store, and you will get an invite!


Keep Calm!

Keep Calm Keep Shopping!

this event officially starts tomorrow (the 14th) BUT since i will most likely not be online monday, i am putting my items out a day early! you do not want to miss out on these items, because after this event ends (on the 28th of may) they will NEVER be seen again.

for this event i have made a couple of cool basic clothing items as well as a funky lisa frank style baby doll dress named after my dearest friend fenni.

the tanktops and panties come as fatpacks or singles.


~SongBird~ has moved to a new location! the new store is located in the lovely woodland park sim, this location is rated M instead of A so those of you who might have had issue reaching the store can now get to it! click the link on the sidebar to check out the new shop!

New At ~SongBird~

lots of new releases in the store! if you missed out on the wear gray for a day marketplace, the items from my market shop are now available in the stores, with singles available in case you didn’t want to purchase the fatpacks! the eyes however are still in packs, as that is the new way i will be selling them.

~SongBird~ Darkness and Light eyes~SongBird~ Bigtop Eyes~SongBird~ Glitz Super Pack~SongBird~ Glitz Eye Makeup~SongBird~ Glitz Lipstick~SongBird~ Glam Doll Eye Makeup



Prices at ~SongBird~ have been permanently dropped! all makeup singles are now 50L, all eye singles are now 75L, face/body FX layers are all now 75L! if you are a marketplace shopper, please be aware that i haven’t had a chance to change my listing prices yet, so to get the best deal, stop by the store!


Coming Soon:

Keep Calm And Keep Shopping Event : May 14th – 28th
you do not want to miss this event! i will have new items never before seen, and never to be seen again after this event is over!