vampires and lots of eyeballs

first up, vampire chronicles!

i’ve made a couple of special items for this event:

~SongBird~ Blood Doll

blood doll is a cute sweater and skirt set with and without messy blood. hud driven and mesh in standard sizes as well as a fitted mesh version!

~SongBird~ Love Bite

love bite is a bloody bite mark on the neck with blood trailing down into the cleavage/chest area.  tattoo layer version as well as appliers for slink physique and the omega applier system.
  the vampire chronicles is a week long event with a lot of great shops!
  In the main store:
  ~Songbird~ Dark Fae Eyes
  the dark fae eyes from this month’s horror haute are now available in the shop
  ~SongBird~ Dark Fae for Utilizator Avatars
  a version of the dark fae eyes for utilizator heads. these eyes will work on all the M3 heads as well as the kemono head.
  ~SongBird~ Liquid Eyes for Utilizator Avatar Heads
i also dug some old eye textures out of the vault to create some cute cartoony eye appliers for utilizator heads!

more utilizator eyes are in the work, i am working to convert all of my human eye collections over to the appliers!

Something shrank in the wash!

petite avatars are everywhere, so i decided to convert some of my clothes to their size! you can now wear jareth as a petite 😀


~SongBird~ Jareth Petite


both male and female versions of the outfit are included. these outfits are made to fit the Yabusaka Petite Mesh avvie (and derivatives of). you can find those at Petite Avatar Kingdom


Interested in Blogging for the store? there are two kinds of bloggers for my store. one is a comitted blogger, and one is not. comitted bloggers must follow the rules below to be accepted, they are expected to blog the store releases and will be given every single new release.

non committed bloggers have less rules, they just need to submit their blog url to me for consideration, i will send them items that suit the style of their blog.

a notecard is available at the store with rules and applications.