New Stuff!

2 events going on right now!

first for twisted krissmuss i made pjs!

~SongBird~ Twisted Pjs : Stripes~SongBird~ Twisted Pjs : Skele

the idea behind twisted krissmuss is that all the items are affordable (100L$) and transfer so you can put them in a box and give them to a friend as a gift! usually we have these items in our main store but this year they are all in one place :

secondly i’m participating in the futuristic hunt which just started today.

~SongBird~ Basic Access Ports

i made some nifty matrix inspired access ports. you can unlink this and make them into all kinds of configurations, they are set up as shown in the photo but they are separate mesh pieces so you can do basically anything with them! you can find this prize somewhere in the main store. just look for the little UFO hanging around.

the list of all participating stores is here: there are no landmarks in the hunt gifts so just pick which ones you want!

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