Gacha Now

Gacha till the Bittr End started yesterday! i have the coolest set to collect so make sure to check it out!

you can win one of 8 different deadly poison bottles, or the rare widow’s cabinet to keep them all in! since this is a gacha, the items are transfer so you can trade with your friends!

event runs from now until may 1st.

SLGBT Gacha Garden

~SongBird~ is proud to be a part of the slgbt gacha garden benefiting pflag!

for my gacha price i have created some long sleeve shirts with cool glittery gradient hearts, in male and female sizes! because the gacha garden owner could only give me one vendor, both male and female versions of the price are packed in each prize box! that means not only do you get a spiffy shirt, but you can give one to your friend/lover/twin/ect!

~SongBird~ Gradient Hearts Gacha

~SongBird~ Gradient Hearts Gacha

there are lots of other awesome creators also at this gacha event so check it out!