mr. and miss firefly

~SongBird~ Miss Firefly

~SongBird~ Mr. Firefly

the feb. round of horror haute is “dark duets” but instead of lovers, i decided to go with my favourite murdering creepy redneck siblings. these outfits are based off of baby and otis firefly from house of 1000 corpses, and devil’s rejects.

also check out my new ad set up! if you haven’t already noticed, the store is getting a bit of a makeover. since i don’t get a lot of time online, i am doing it in small chunks so ads are changing slowly over time. i am also switching to using just slink and omega appliers as well as huds for my clothing and eye fatpacks.

horror haute  has already started, and ends on march 1st.

more info here:


Death Becomes…

~SongBird~ Is part of the Horror Haute Token rally! the theme is “death becomes” and i have a disturbingly good prize for those who make it through the rally.

~SongBird~ Mask of the Dead

collecting this prize is easy.

To receive the gift items, the customer must do two things. First, they must be wearing their group tag to receive any of the gifts. Secondly, the shopper must have bought the item from the specific store they wish to receive the gift from and wear the token from the sale item.
Each participating creator will have the option of placing 1-3 items for sale 100L or under. Shoppers only need to buy ONE item, however if you happen to dig all items at the special price..a big win for you! Remember, shoppers need to purchase the sale item to receive the token and use the token from the same merchant to receive that prize from the same merchant.

not a horror haute member? use this link to join the group secondlife:///app/group/c0f8ee82-032f-6f16-c510-59563d826b83/about just paste that into your local chat, and click to bring up the group window and join! its free!

more info and a store list: