~SongBird~ @ Horror Haute march edition!

the prognosis is dire…

~SongBird~ Symptomatic

this month’s horror haute theme is the black death .one of the major symptoms of the black death is a blackening of the hands and feet amonth other areas. i made some really gross hand layers for your plague roleplaying needs. tattoo layer and applier for slink. i was unfortunately not able to make a maitreya applier because their tattoo system uses the glove layer on their hands which completely covers the nails. so it looks really bad on maitreya, but i will definitely add maitreya (and omega) support if this changes in the future.

you can get the plague at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Plain%20Jane/72/66/2003 until march 31st! and then in the store after that.

My Slink Obsession

my slink obsession is a fairly new monthly event showcasing high quality clothing, shoes, skin and nail polish for the slink body (physique), the slink head (visage) and the slink hands and feet. the second round is starting up very soon and i am happy to be part of it!

for my first round of my slink obsession i’ve created a few clothing items. these are set up to work with the physique slink body, as well as the slink hands and feet, AND the regular second life body. they also have some appliers for other systems included as well.

~SongBird~ Fishnet Gloves

~SongBird~ Fishnet Stockings

~SongBird~ Vintage Movie Tshirts

~SongBird~ Novelty Tshirts

these novelty t shirts are a LIMITED EDITION for the my slink obsession event! these are my original designs that i sold under my old brand with my ex partner. they used to be really popular so i decided to dust them off and make them applier ready.

important info-

event website: http://myslinkobsession.wordpress.com/
event starts: september 5th