Dark Fae Eyes at Horror Haute April

~Songbird~ Dark Fae Eyes

the current round of horror haute is dark fairy/dark elf so i decided to make some awesome fantasy eyes that work for both! a 4 pack of ultra vivid slit pupil eyes scripted with a hud for easy change.

these are available right now at the horror haute event location! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Plain%20Jane/66/53/2004 until the end of april.

a shot of kodine

~SongBird~ Kodine Eyes

~SongBird~ Kodine Lips

makeup! i got a request to make some lipstick and matching eye makeup and tossed it into the shop last night. who says no one releases stuff in their store anymore?

wear them together, wear them separately!great for cyber goth or maybe even bubble goth looks. these are super bright hues with a black outer liner.

i am working on a mesh mouth version of these lips but its being a bit troublesome at the moment, but soon!

symptomatic is also now in the shop if you are still looking for the plague.


on another note, i am moving to another sim! i do not have my official location ready yet but in a couple of weeks i will be located on the sleep hollow sim, and i will make sure you all have that new landmark when the chance happens.


i was supposed to be in Zombiefest but due to a lack of communication and planning and the complete disappearance of the people putting on the event, i have decided to drop out. that means these goodies are available in my shop!

~SongBird~ Patient Zero

patient zero is an all over body overlay that tints your skin and gives you a gross rotting look. body appliers for slink and omega as well as nail huds for slink and maitreya nails.

~SongBird~ Cracked Lips

~SongBird~ Cracked Lips For Mesh Mouths

cracked lips come in two versions, tattoo layer for regular faces, and an applier hud for mesh mouths and the slink visage head.

~SongBird~ Eye Infection

eye infection is a gross mesh eye in 4 tones suitable to pair with the patient zero overlays. this set is hud driven and you can pick which tone you want on the right and left eyes independently.

while you’re at the store don’t forget to check out the twisted hunt prize hidden somewhere in the store!

want more disease related stuff? check out my item at horror haute right now!

~SongBird~ @ Horror Haute march edition!

the prognosis is dire…

~SongBird~ Symptomatic

this month’s horror haute theme is the black death .one of the major symptoms of the black death is a blackening of the hands and feet amonth other areas. i made some really gross hand layers for your plague roleplaying needs. tattoo layer and applier for slink. i was unfortunately not able to make a maitreya applier because their tattoo system uses the glove layer on their hands which completely covers the nails. so it looks really bad on maitreya, but i will definitely add maitreya (and omega) support if this changes in the future.

you can get the plague at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Plain%20Jane/72/66/2003 until march 31st! and then in the store after that.

mr. and miss firefly

~SongBird~ Miss Firefly

~SongBird~ Mr. Firefly

the feb. round of horror haute is “dark duets” but instead of lovers, i decided to go with my favourite murdering creepy redneck siblings. these outfits are based off of baby and otis firefly from house of 1000 corpses, and devil’s rejects.

also check out my new ad set up! if you haven’t already noticed, the store is getting a bit of a makeover. since i don’t get a lot of time online, i am doing it in small chunks so ads are changing slowly over time. i am also switching to using just slink and omega appliers as well as huds for my clothing and eye fatpacks.

horror haute  has already started, and ends on march 1st.

more info here: http://thehorrorhaute.blogspot.com/

slurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/bono/90/51/1060

Leaf on the wind

this is a wonderful event for a fellow creator dealing with cancer! please check out the event and even if you don’t like my items check out all of the amazing things set up for sale to help her reach her dream of seeing london! if you would like to donate directly to the fund and not actually buy anything there is also a donation kiosk at my shop.

~SongBird~ London Eyes
100% donation

~SongBird~ Men's Punky Britt Jeans~SongBird~ Women's Punky Britt Jeans
50% donation

leaf on the wind is open from January 10th through to February 1st of 2015

more info: https://leafonthewindsl.wordpress.com/

event location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Adept/126/185/22

New VIP Gift!

if you are a VIP group member you have a new gift waiting at the store!

~SongBird~ Hail Santa Sweater VIP GIFT!

~SongBird~ Hail Santa Sweater VIP GIFT!

not a VIP member? its easy to do! just buy something from the shop, from the 50L makeup, to the more expensive mesh items. any purchase in the store (that isn’t a freebie) gets you an invitation to the VIP group! i do these invites by hand so please don’t be alarmed if it takes a day or two to get your invite, the gifts never go away!.

horrorfestive time!

horrorfest got moved to december so now its horrorfestive! everything is creepy holiday fun. this event benefits munchflower zaius, who suffers from ehlers-danlos syndrome.

~SongBird~ The Doll : Omni Pack~Songbird~ The Doll : Horror Special Edition

~SongBird~ The Doll : Holiday Special Edition

i have created a set called “the doll”. the dress, shoes, and joints are available on their own as a 50% donation or for an 100% donation you can purchase the special holiday or horror edition, or if you are feeling REALLY giving, you can purchase the omnipack which has EVERYTHING in one big box. even the special versions. the special versions will not be available after the event ends.

~SongBird~ The Doll : Dress

the dress is rigged mesh, and comes in all standard mesh sizes in several different colour options.

~SongBird~ The Doll : Shoes

the shoes are not rigged mesh and come in one size which can be edited to suit your foot size. these shoes are made for regular system feet but with some careful editing you might be able to wear mid height slink feet with them.

~SongBird~ The Doll : Joints and Cracks

the joints and cracks are tattoo layers and also come with a hud that provides appliers for slink physique, hands, and feet, phat/cute azz and lola breasts.

more information about horrorfestive can be found here: https://horrorfestive.wordpress.com/

read up on ehlers-danlos syndrome here: http://www.ehlers-danlos.org/what-is-eds/types-of-eds

Bleak Midwinter Hunt:

~SongBird~ One Horse Open Sley hunt gift

the dates have been pushed back for this hunt and i am not sure what the new starte date is, but my prize is already in the store so if you want to go ahead and grab it go for it! my hunt prize this year is a special edition snowglobe. 100% original mesh and only 2LI! i’ve left it mod in case for some reason you want to scale it up to a larger size and sit in it, or what ever you want.

my hunt hint is “the eyes have it”

Merry Krissmuss!

twisted krissmuss has started and ~SongBird~ is part of the shopping tour.

~SongBird~ Men's Holiday Skull Sweater~SongBird~ Women's Holiday Skull Sweater

twisted krissmuss is a shopping tour event where each store on the tour has placed 1 or more items for sale at 100L$, the items are no copy and transfer so you can give them as gifts! what better gift than to stay warm this winter with these cool skull sweaters!

more info: http://krissmuss.twistedhunt.com/
event starts december 5th and ends jan. 3rd