Don’t Panic!

one of my favourite events in second life. Don’t Panic is Pulse Game’s 2014 halloween game. a spooky haunted mansion awaits you, and so do the ghosts who inhabit it. while you attempt to solve the mystery, you can find rats in various places that contain prizes from several stores, including ~SongBird~! i have created some creepy halloween inspired tights.

~SongBird~ Treat Tights

you can also check out the sponsor shop for some of my best halloween items, and an exclusive set of matching nail polish.

~SongBird~ Treat Nails

game start:
sponsor shop:

Don’t Panic starts October 17th and runs until Nov 17th.

~SongBird~ for Theme Park October Round

for the halloween season i decided you needed pants. but not just any pants. dirty grungy bloody pants. perfect for slaying monsters or zombies or what ever else is lurking out there. don’t mess up your good jeans! buy these instead!

~SongBird~ Survivor Jeans (for women!) ~SongBird~ Survivor Jeans (for men!)

these are a double pack that contains both dirty and bloody versions of the jeans. available in all standard sizes for men and women! you can pick them up right now at theme park

Death Becomes…

~SongBird~ Is part of the Horror Haute Token rally! the theme is “death becomes” and i have a disturbingly good prize for those who make it through the rally.

~SongBird~ Mask of the Dead

collecting this prize is easy.

To receive the gift items, the customer must do two things. First, they must be wearing their group tag to receive any of the gifts. Secondly, the shopper must have bought the item from the specific store they wish to receive the gift from and wear the token from the sale item.
Each participating creator will have the option of placing 1-3 items for sale 100L or under. Shoppers only need to buy ONE item, however if you happen to dig all items at the special price..a big win for you! Remember, shoppers need to purchase the sale item to receive the token and use the token from the same merchant to receive that prize from the same merchant.

not a horror haute member? use this link to join the group secondlife:///app/group/c0f8ee82-032f-6f16-c510-59563d826b83/about just paste that into your local chat, and click to bring up the group window and join! its free!

more info and a store list:

What we all need is something steam powered

calling all steampunks and diesel punks!

~SongBird~ is proud to be a part of A Clockwork Spiral. a steampunk and dieselpunk charity event, benefiting the national kidney foundation!

i’ve never actually made anything steampunk or dieselpunk but i really love the style so i decided to try my hand at it and i came out with several items for the event.

for ladies:

~SongBird~ Attention!

the mega pack for this outfit is 100% proceeds to the charity. singles and colour fatpacks also available.

for men:

~SongBird~ Bennett Jacket~SongBird~ Fly Boy Trench Coat

fatpacks are 100% proceeds to the charity, singles also available.

unisex items:

~SongBird~ Engineer Goggles~SongBird~ Smoke Stacks Augment

fatpack of engineer goggles and smokestacks are 50% proceeds to charity!

important info

My Slink Obsession

my slink obsession is a fairly new monthly event showcasing high quality clothing, shoes, skin and nail polish for the slink body (physique), the slink head (visage) and the slink hands and feet. the second round is starting up very soon and i am happy to be part of it!

for my first round of my slink obsession i’ve created a few clothing items. these are set up to work with the physique slink body, as well as the slink hands and feet, AND the regular second life body. they also have some appliers for other systems included as well.

~SongBird~ Fishnet Gloves

~SongBird~ Fishnet Stockings

~SongBird~ Vintage Movie Tshirts

~SongBird~ Novelty Tshirts

these novelty t shirts are a LIMITED EDITION for the my slink obsession event! these are my original designs that i sold under my old brand with my ex partner. they used to be really popular so i decided to dust them off and make them applier ready.

important info-

event website:
event starts: september 5th

Twisted Hunt Fall 2014

its that time again! the twisted hunt is back to wreck your inventory and destroy your brains for another season! the fall hunt’s theme is “timewarp” and invited us to create items from the old colour pallets and themes available from 11 twisted hunts. instead of really going with one of the old themes i decided to use the “timewarp” theme to create an awesome hunt gift and gacha collection.

~SongBird~ Twisted Time Pendant

the timewarp pendant is a watch on a necklace with clockwise spinning hands. all original mesh! its unrigged so you can resize to fit your avatar.

~SongBird~ Twisted Numbers

for the twisted gacha i have created my traditional set of eyes but with a twist! there are 11 eye sets in this gacha, each corresponding to the box colours and hunt numbers. there are NO RARES! so just try to win your favourite hunt eyes!

important info-

event website:
event starts: september 1
~SongBird~ is store number 20!

Lots of Mini Updates

i’ve popped out a few mini releases over the last week or so, so here’s a round up of everything!

for the kemono and m3 wearers, i have converted my super nova doll eyes to both appliers! more eyes are coming in the future!
~SongBird~ Super Nova Doll Eye Mod For Kemono Avatars ~SongBird~ Supernova Doll M3 Appliers

for those that like simple eyeliner i’ve made a very simple cat eye liner in both black and white tintable versions.
~SongBird~ Perfect Point Eyeliner

for the cosplayers i have a ghoul eye and makeup set inspired by tokyo ghoul!
~SongBird~ Hungry Ghoul

(teeth are not included, go to contraption for those!)


Updates coming soon for all body items! i am working on slink physique appliers for my tights, and blood items that already have feet and hand appliers. i am also working on making appliers for the texture layer clothing i already have in the store! and possibly some tango appliers as well 😀 stay tuned!